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2018 - Album Recording

After the replacement of the rhythm section in 2017 the focus was set on songwriting. Subsequently the newly formed group  started recording their second album "Jump off the Cliff", released in February 2019. The bands newly developed sound, containing Metal- and Progressive influences, was the consequence of compulsive evolution after restaffing and years of experience.


2017 - Changes

New Songs, new ideas, new musicians on drums and bass...Bernhard Sattra enters the band in 2017 with a huge bunch of Hardrock attitude. On bass, fans already know her as Cil Citys´Management and Booking Agent, Cornelia Gass hits the stage. Designated as substitute, the band enjoyed this new lineup and stopped searching for a new bassplayer, ready to rock the Festival stages (Novarock, Full Metal Mountain, Wildhawk Festival,...)

2016 - Festival Season

The unplugged session at the traditional Viennese café Schmid Hansl marked an unusually calm start to the year. Equipped with an abundance of time, energy and creativity, the band seized this opportunity to recast their songs in a refreshingly new light.

It was incredibly great to see how much the audience loved the new versions of the songs. I would have never thought that this many people could even fit into the café Schmid Hansl.

In April, Cil City turned up the volume again and shared the stage with Alkbottle, Serious Black, Onkel Tom Angelripper and an abundance of Jägermeister at the Full Metal Mountain Festival in the Austrian province of Carinthia. Major rock highlights followed in the summer with performances at the two biggest rock festivals in Austria – Novarock and Frequency.

The party at the Jägermeister section was simply incredible! Although this isn’t as big as the main stage, you can’t beat the rock mood of this crowd. Simply great!

If you didn’t catch us live, Cil City was also on the radio and on TV: GoTV, Radio Orange, MulatschagTV and the major Austrian broadcaster ORF2 all featured segments on this Austrian rock band.

At the end of this year, the people of Vienna can at last prove whether they rock just as well as the rest of Austria where Cil City performed as part of the Red Ocean Tour 2016. At last, Cil City returns home with brand-new songs and video at Back In Vienna on 5 November 2016 in Aera.


2015 – Local Heroes Contest finale / album debut Red Ocean

More than 300 bands from all over Austria competed in the Local Heroes Contest and Cil City made it right into the finale. When the band wasn’t working on its first album Red Ocean, which was released in October 2015, it rocked at many other performances, including at the Schwechater City Festival, the Szene Vienna, and the Hafen Open Air. Towards the end of the year, the video to the single ‘Back Off’ was presented.

Lead singer Deniz: You simply get goose bumps in those special moments. Whether it’s holding your own CD in your hands for the first time or seeing your own video on TV. It’s really touching when you think about it… and I hope, no, I know, that many such moments shall follow.


2013/2014 – how it all started

The beginnings of the band reach back to 2013, when it was founded as an AC/DC tribute band. Soon the urge for a unique tune and new songs grew so much that Cil City started working on its album debut. The audience was key in encouraging the band to take this step: ‘Your songs are full of power! Keep going, because we want more!’

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